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Lansen Pharmaceutical Donations can be used to re-US Tianjin explosion wounded
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August 12, 2015, located in Tianjin Binhai New Area development zone of Tianjin Tanggu Dongjiang Bonded Port dangerous goods warehouse explosion. The accident caused a large number of fire fighters and people around the hurt caused widespread concern in the whole country. Up to now, a total of 158 people were killed, 15 people lost contact, hundreds of people hospitalized.
       As China Pharmaceutical Companies, we are deeply concerned about the Tianjin Tanggu explosion. At the initiative of the President, Mr. Liu to help people, the company quickly raise a number of reusable US human-like collagen dressings, and set up a group to donate contact your local Red Cross organizations and the local hospital, it is recommended to use reusable US for the accident wounded fire fighters and the masses of wound healing and skin repair.
       Reusable beauty like collagen dressing (Square 10 + 30ml) contains a high concentration because of human-like collagen, which can effectively increase collagen activity, and promote skin absorption and epidermal cell proliferation. For patients with burns and other skin lesions, reusable energy in the United States in the latter part of the wound healing process through efficient moisturizing repair, promote wound healing the wounded, to fully activate the skin's own regenerative capacity to effectively reduce pigmentation affected late hyperpigmentation and scarring risk and shorten the injured course.
       In use, because the product is nebulized, so the burns produced by the body any part of the skin lesions, reusable spray beauty products than other dressings in the use and more convenient.
       Currently, the company has contacted the Red Cross issued a donation Tianjin intention to apply for and obtain recognition and approval of the Red Cross. The first donations were already on August 27 and August 31 to Tianjin, and to review and acceptance by Tianjin Wei Planning Commission, sent to the hospital in Tianjin Port and Tianjin Fifth Central Hospital put into clinical use.
       A difficult one P Plus support, Lansen Department of Tanggu people, let us pray together for the Tianjin! Lansen is willing to join hands with the people of Tianjin tide over the crisis!

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