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(January 9, 2012, HONG KONG) - China's leading rheumatologists slow-acting prescription medicine expert Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited ( "Lansen Pharmaceutical" or the "Group") (stock code: 503), today announced its wholly owned subsidiary of Ningbo Lang Health pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been with Jahwa United Co., Ltd. ( "Shanghai Jahwa") (Shanghai stock exchange stock code: 600315) to reach an agreement in the skin of medicinal products.

       Lansen Pharmaceutical has rheumatism specialist through its leader, actively expand and enrich rheumatism specialist product range, increase its market share in the fast-growing Chinese market rheumatism specialist. High growth on the other hand, as one of the Group's long-term development strategy, Lansen Pharmaceutical departure from rheumatology, expand immunization to other specialist areas, such as immune-related dermatology, orthopedics, and nephrology, etc., to develop core business outside business.

       As one of China's largest cosmetics company, Shanghai Jahwa Chinese people committed to the development, production and sales of health and beauty and skin-related products. These products include medical skin care products (called cosmeceuticals in Europe, Japan and the United States call medicines cosmetics). Lansen Pharmaceutical and Shanghai Jahwa cooperation accord Lansen Pharmaceutical development strategy. Lansen Pharmaceutical and Shanghai Jahwa also like to take this opportunity to reach medical care in the clinical field of long-term strategic partnership, the two sides coming from product development to expand cooperation in many areas of terminal sales.

       Under the agreement, Lansen Pharmaceutical Tamasawa brand will have all series of special care products in the Chinese exclusive agent full hospital privileges pipeline, solely responsible for hospital sales pipeline Tamasawa brand, Jahwa is responsible for non-hospital sales pipeline. Hospital pipeline refers to Chinese-owned pharmacies and hospitals all hospitals surrounding chain pharmacies. Lansen Pharmaceutical first proxy rights for five years. If the parties intend to continue to cooperate, Lansen Pharmaceutical before the expiry of an agreement with Jahwa will renew exclusive agency rights.

       After six years of collaborative professional medical organizations prepare, Jahwa creation Tamasawa brand, intends to use the principles of dermatology help consumers solve various skin problems plagued the daily skin care process. Currently launched the first set of skin barrier repair series by Jahwa United Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Ruijin Hospital dermatologist jointly developed. This set of products through the skin barrier repair and improve the moisture content of the skin, improve skin function, which is now two-care product sales. Both special care products, through large scale clinical efficacy prior to listing verification can be widely used in psoriasis clinical winter pruritus, chronic eczema and other dry skin adjuvant therapy and medical care. Tamasawa brand in the next two years will continue to improve and expand the co-brand product lines of other professional medical organizations.

       Lansen Pharmaceutical plans covering all four union territories, 25 provinces and cities by the group, more than 1,000 hospitals vast network of sales Tamasawa products. Lansen will set up the skin line, specializing in the construction of dermatology sales force.

       Mr. Xu Jun Group Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, said: "Long was born in the field of rheumatoid been quite successful, we hope to sell other products related to the immune system on this basis. Jahwa is China's leading enterprises of domestic cosmetic brand, its brand and product safety in the minds of doctors and patients have a good reputation. To reach agreement with the home-based, is Lansen honor. Lansen home and there is a strong complementarity of the business, can ease the current situation LANSEN lack of product in the field of skin, Lansen promote better access to areas of the skin. For the majority of drug store products have been dermatologist familiar and accepted in China, although the market is still in its infancy, we believe that it will bring Lansen huge market space for development. "

       Jahwa related to the leadership said: "Medical skin care products because of the development of technologies and products of high safety requirements, often only large companies have the strength of first-class talent in the pipeline Plough. While China is expected to enter a mature period of medical skin care needs at least 10 years, but it is undeniable that China's current medical skin care market has a good development momentum and huge potential for development. Tamasawa for Jahwa brand is important for strategic projects, marking the company's formal entry into the medical care market, to enter this market, but also to fill a gap in the brand Jahwa pipe layout - the pharmacy. The home of the strategic cooperation with Lansen Pharmaceutical, must achievements of a win-win story. I believe that with Lang was born in China in the field of dermatology resources, with Jahwa professional experience in the cosmetics industry will be able to help us continuously to form a new breakthrough in the field of cosmetic medicine, achieved good results. "

Press inquiries:
Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited
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Phone: +852 28289243

About Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited

       Lansen Pharmaceutical is China's leading rheumatologists slow-acting prescription medicine specialist. Founded in 2002, the Group is principally engaged in the sales, production and development of prescription drugs in China Rheumatology specialist, with leading market position in China Rheumatology slow-acting drug market. Currently, in addition to 13 kinds of non-core drugs, Lansen Pharmaceutical has three rheumatism specialty prescription western core products, "TGP" and "properly express" the market share of the first and fourth. Group sales and marketing network covering the whole country four union territories, 25 provinces and cities, more than 1,000 hospitals. Production and management group headquartered in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, modernization of production facilities, covering about 64,000 square meters. In addition to having national GSP certification, the Group is also the production line has received GMP certification of the State Food and Drug Administration, and comply with stringent quality assurance and safety monitoring procedures.

About Jahwa

       Jahwa United Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jahwa") is China's oldest (predecessor was founded in 1898, Kwong Sang Hong Kong), one of the cosmetic company in 2001, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Jahwa owns "Two Girls," "HERBORIST", "Six God", "MAXAM", "Goff", "Qing Fei" and many other well-known Chinese brands, including "Six God", "MAXAM" Early in the last century ninety it's been identified as "China famous Brand."

       Jahwa has a national research center, to attract more than one hundred high-end talent across different disciplines and expand strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign advanced scientific research institutions, R & D results and number of patent applications in the leading level of domestic industry in the individual herbs nursing world leader; she has a domestic counterparts in the largest production capacity, covering all areas of skin care, makeup, fragrance, home and so on; she is China's first international quality certification ISO9000: 1994 cosmetics business, it is China cosmetics industry standards in the development of many countries one person.

Jahwa continue with an international perspective in the forefront of China's fashion industry, whose mission is:
       "China is committed to being the representative of the fashion consumer goods companies, we can have sustainable development of leading brands in the product areas and segments popularization many market segments, customer relations, employee ownership, shareholder value and social responsibility, and many other excellent performance to win the respect of the world. "

About cosmeceutical products

       Cosmeceutical is a cosmetic effect. Help for problem skin from the effects of treatment, and relatively safe long-term use. Drug store cosmetics belong to, but distinct from ordinary cosmetics, the difference is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. cosmeceutical formulations always as concise as possible, free of colors, flavors, preservatives or surfactants, and high content of active ingredients, targeted, significant effect.

2. cosmetics for research and for all consumers, is the basis of skin care, cosmetics and medicines for problem skin design.

3. cosmeceutical ingredients mostly natural source raw materials, strict quality control and testing a large number of clinical trials, has been allergic to a minimum. More effective, professional and targeted.

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